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Covering little more than 60 kilometres, this is a region which has everything. There is so much to discover that the only thing missing is the pyramids!


Marvel at the majestic snow-capped peaks and the eternal snows of the north or follow the hiking paths which wind their way up and down the thickly forested mountainsides; soak up the sun or enjoy the shade of palm trees and dream of more exotic climes; sit by crystal clear alpine lakes or by lazy rivers winding their way across the busy valley floor.


This part of Ticino is the most authentic because for centuries it played a vital role in history as a crossroads, at the very heart of Europe, for travellers, merchants and soldiers crossing the Alps over the St. Gotthard pass. The fortifications, which were once impregnable bastions and a defensive barrier against invaders from north of the Alps, are visible signs of this important role in the history of mankind; so much so that UNESCO saw fit to include them in the World Heritage list.


With regard to land use, great care has been taken in this region to respect authentic traditions whilst integrating modern architectural works by renowned contemporary architects. Visitors to Bellinzona and Upper Ticino will soon discover that these cultural, historic and natural features are like the separate ingredients of a recipe, which blend to make a mouth-watering dish: mix together leisure and tradition, culture and free time, walking or hiking with gastronomy and relaxation with sport and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure to be sampled again at the earliest opportunity.


Once you get a taste for the authenticity of this region it will be hard to stay away and a warm welcome awaits you when you come again!

Bellinzonese Biasca e Riviera Leventina Valle di Blenio